It’s your time to shine with a bespoke personal shopping experience tailored to your needs.  The unique experience of personal shopping in London with a trained professional will open you eyes to the capital’s little known gems as well as established fashion houses, and ensure that any purchases made during our time together will be perfect for you and your lifestyle. The added value being that every purchase you make will be a highly functional component of your wardrobe rather than something that makes your coat-hangers look pretty!

The day I spent with Johanna has not only transformed my wardrobe, it has also changed the way I feel about myself. I now bounce out of bed in the morning looking forward to deciding which one of my new outfits to wear…my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner as the compliments just keep coming!…..Nathalia

Outsourcing this side of your life to a professional means that you will learn exactly how to achieve sartorial brilliance that is a true reflection of who you really are.

What The Radiant Hour Offers Being a stylist is not formulaeic, nor is it a science, but, it is something that requires a discerning and trained eye.  Studying fashion design and garment construction gives a deep understanding of balance, shape and line.  Together with a love of colour and appreciation of fabric, everything culminates in an innate ability to understand what works and ultimately what doesn’t.

Style comes from within.  Its an outward expression of personality and mood and radiates to those around you.

My clients receive a focused experience, benefiting from my combined knowledge and receive treatment that is no longer just reserved for the rich and famous.

Below is a list of targeted services I have created to remedy any sartorial problem big or small.

Body Transformation

You’ve put the effort in at the gym, now lets show your new physique at it’s best. Although you physically may have changed, mentally you still want to dress the old you. Let a stylist complete the transformation.

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Full day

Whether this is a treat or a necessity, rest assured that this dedicated time will be focused and purposeful. A pre-arranged route will be agreed through town making the most of the time, visiting only the relevant shops. There will be a working lunch where the mornings activities will be reviewed and the afternoon’s schedule adapted where necessary to ensure you walk away with a fully comprehensive and special ‘you’ shaped selection.

We recommend a budget of at least £2500 when choosing this service.

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Holiday Capsule

You’re going away and you’ve only got 20KG but you’re shoes weigh 30KG! There needs to be a solution…and this is it! 2 Weeks worth of outfits that suit all your holiday needs, from bikinis and kaftans to cocktail dresses for Michelin star dinners. This service will take care of that pre-holiday stress.

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Play Time

When it comes to business you’re happily suited and booted, but when it’s time to play you are left lacking in the wardrobe department. Men’s casual-wear has revolutionised in the past decade offering much more than the standard issue 501′s and a shirt ensemble. Let a stylist personally select a range of outfits to suit your downtime.

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Special Occasions

So, the Queen’s List of Honours has been announced (you’re on the list). An industry award ceremony is coming up (you’re nominated). You’re meeting the In-Laws (you have to win them over). These once in a lifetime occasions require you to make exactly the right impression. Get The Radiant Hour to combine style, individuality and etiquette to make sure you standout (for all the right reasons).

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The Holiday Holdall

You’re going away and you’ve only got 20 KG’s but your flip-flops weigh 30! There needs to be a suitcase solution…and this is it. Two weeks worth of outfits that suit every holiday scenario, from swim-shorts and sunglasses to panama hats and blazers suitable for Michelin star dining. This service will take care of that pre-holiday stress and let you focus on winding down.

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The Wedding Season

So, the invites and ‘save the dates’ are piling up and the Wedding Season is gearing up to be a busy one. Investing in a few key looks that can be interchanged to suit the mood of the wedding in question with varying accessories can be a way of not breaking the bank and keeping your look fresh.

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Virtual Shopping Basket *new*

Just too busy or totally disinclined to traipse around the shops? Get a virtual shopping basket delivered to your inbox. A one stop shop packed full of options based on your requirements. Then, just peruse and order at your leisure. A modern solution to an age old problem.

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Virtual Shopping Trip *new*

We’ve all been there…an important event is looming and guess what- you’ve got nothing to wear. Of course you want to feel special but nothing in your wardrobe quite cuts it for the occasion. Aware that time is running out and your week is getting increasingly busy- a lunch break dash round the high-street results in nothing but blisters and and a frayed temper. Fret not. Get a personalised selection of garments fit for you and the event in question sent to your inbox. Order online at your leisure to be delivered to work or home. A thoroughly modern solution to an age old problem!

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Wardrobe Audit

This is good place to start with any personal shopping experience. Assessing what you already have in your wardrobe can mean the journey forward is much clearer. De-cluttering and organising, then clarifying what suits you and what flatters you. The Radiant Hour will make it simple and pain-free by employing various tried and tested techniques.

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Weight Loss Wardrobe

You’ve made the lifestyle changes and are now ready to show-off the results. Although you physically may have changed, mentally you may still want to dress the old you. Let our stylist complete the transformation by helping you make the right shape and colour choices to enhance the radiant new you.

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Work Attire

As the saying goes, “Success is the sum of details”, and when it comes to dressing for the work place it can be the combination of these small details that set you apart from all the other ‘suits’. From exquisite cuff-links and sock suspenders to just up-dating your tie collection The Radiant Hour is poised to solve all manner of professional attire issues.

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Working Wardrobe

Formal attire no longer has to translate as boring, unflattering, uninspiring and leave you feeling anonymous. No matter what your occupation is there’s a solution that showcases your individuality and style whilst still conforming to the conventions of the work place.

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Gift Voucher Buying a personalised gift voucher that’s wrapped, embossed and tied with a ribbon exudes luxury and is a great gift solution.  Let that special someone in your life be indulged in an incredible transformation courtesy of the Radiant Hour.  Pick any one of the services that you think would suit them and the rest will be taken care of.

What an amazing last minute gift solution! My wife is thrilled at the prospect of having you all to herself for the day and I’m looking forward to seeing the results….. MK Hamlin

This really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Get In touch Any questions can be answered via e-mail, but sometimes speaking to a real live human-being is all that’s needed.

Either way, I’d love to hear from you.

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What inspires me On a sensorial level I am inspired by and drawn to the beautiful architecture this city has to offer, the changing of the seasons, the construction and detail of vintage garments that’s seldom replicated in modern clothing, printed fabrics, hand printed wallpapers, going for afternoon cocktails and hanging out with my french bulldog Virgil.  There are so many things… have a look at the mood boards I’ve created, they’re constantly updated and added to as the inspiration takes me.

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